Geoscience Canada

Volume 4, Number 2, June 1977

Table of contents (24 articles)

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    Underground Disposal of Canada's Nuclear Waste
    Gravity Mapping in Canada: A Review of Progress
    Facies Models 6. Diagenetic Facies of Iron Formation

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Groundwater Quality
    Paleontology and Biostratigraphy Seminar 1976
    Fourth Annual Geoscience Forums

Features / Rubriques

    The History of Canadian Geology: : Abraham Gesner (1797-1864), An Early Canadian Geologist — Charges of Plagiarism
    Pyroclasts: : Publish and Perish

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Minerals and Men: An Exploration of the World of Minerals
    Short Course in Microbeam Techniques
    Penological Study of the Sambagawa Metamorphic Rocks
    Annual Review of Energy, Vol. 1, 1976
    Oil Under the Ice
    Beach Processes and Sedimentation
    An Introduction to Hydrodynamics and Water Waves
    Sedimentation Models and Quantitative Stratigraphy
    Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology, Volume 1 and 2
    Structure and Classification of Paleocommunities
    Terre— Lune— Planète
    Geologic Time (Second Edition)
    History of the Earth Sciences during the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions with Special Emphasis on the Physical Geosciences
    Stress and Strain
    Applications of Probability Graphs in Mineral Exploration

Letters / Lettres

    Letters / Lettres