Geoscience Canada

Volume 9, Number 1, March 1982

Table of contents (21 articles)


  1. Diagenesis
  2. Diagenesis 1. Dolomite - Part 1: The Chemistry of Dolomitization and Dolomite Precipitation
  3. Slope Stability and Land Use in Mountain Valleys
  4. One Hundred Million Years of Plate Tectonics in Western Canada

Applied Quaternary Geology Symposium

  1. A Symposium in Honour of Aleksis Dreimanis
  2. The Growth of Glacial Geology and Glaciology: Opening Remarks
  3. The Influence of Researchers Upon Glacial Stratigraphy
  4. Glacial Dispersal - Principles and Practical Applications
  5. Adjuncts to Boulder Tracing in Mineral Exploration
  6. The Quaternary and Civil Engineering
  7. Late Cenozoic Geology and the Second Oldest Profession
  8. Quaternary Geology and Environmental Health
  9. Groundwater Supplies for Waterloo Region — The Role of Geology
  10. Recent Sediments: The Front Line of Environmental Protection

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