Geoscience Canada

Volume 18, Number 3, September 1991

Table of contents (10 articles)

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  1. Editorial


  1. Our Common Future: Building Respect For Our Planet / Notre Futur Commun: Instaurer du Respect pour Notre Planète
  2. Global Warming: Natural or Anthropogenic / Le Réchauffement de la Planète: Changement Naturel ou Effet de l'Activité Humaine?
  3. The Geologic Record of Glaciation: Relevance to the Climatic History of Earth
  4. Vers des Modèles Couplés Océan-Atmosphère
  5. A Geological Perspective on Climatic Change: Computer Simulation of Ancient Climates
  6. PALEOSCENE 12. Benthic Macrofossils as Paleoenvironmental Indicators in Marine Siliciclastic Facies

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

  1. Workshops in Archeometry
  2. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Workshop

Letters / Lettres

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