Geoscience Canada

Volume 28, Number 4, December 2001

Table of contents (11 articles)


  1. Editorial


  1. Ocean Drilling: Successes, Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Nature and Origin of the Oceanic Lithosphere: Some Insights from Past Ocean Drilling and Plans for the Future
  3. Using ODP Boreholes for Studying Sub-seafloor Hydrogeology: Results from the First Decade of CORK Observations
  4. The Challenge of Deep Ocean Drilling for Natural Gas Hydrate
  5. Insights from Scientific Drilling on Rifted Continental Margins
  6. The Saanich Inlet Basin: A Natural Collector of Past Biological, Climatic, and Land-use Changes in Southwestern Canada Amplified by Results of ODP Leg 169S
  7. ODP Drilling Leads to a New Model of Shelf and Slope Sedimentation along the Antarctic Continental Margin

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