Geoscience Canada

Volume 40, Number 2, 2013

Table of contents (7 articles)

Front Matter

  1. Front Matter


Paul F. Hoffman Series

  1. Evidence of Late Ediacaran Hyperextension of the Laurentian Iapetan Margin in the Birchy Complex, Baie Verte Peninsula, Northwest Newfoundland:: Implications for the Opening of Iapetus, Formation of Peri-Laurentian Microcontinents and Taconic – Grampian Orogenesis
  2. Comparative Stratigraphic and Geochronological Evolution of the Northern Damara Supergroup in Namibia and the Katanga Supergroup in the Lufilian Arc of Central Africa


  1. Canada GEESE 2. Visualization of Integrated Marine Geoscience Data for Canadian and Proximal Waters
  2. Great Canadian Lagerstätten 4. The Devonian Miguasha Biota (Québec): UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Time Capsule in the Early History of Vertebrates


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