The International Indigenous Policy Journal

Volume 11, Number 4, 2020

Table of contents (6 articles)


  1. The Paths to Realizing Reconciliation: Indigenous Consultation in Jasper National Park
  2. Living in the South, Caring in the North: Exploring Inuit Women’s Care Responsibilities
  3. A Journey of Doing Research “In a Good Way”: Partnership, Ceremony, and Reflections Contributing to the Care and Wellbeing of Indigenous Women Living with HIV in Canada
  4. The Impact of Training Indigenous Facilitators for a Two-Eyed Seeing Research Treatment Intervention for Intergenerational Trauma and Addiction
  5. Tobacco Smoking Among First Nations Youth Living on Reserve and in Northern Communities: A Mixed Methods Study


  1. Does a Payment-for-Outcomes Model Improve Indigenous Wellbeing? Commissioning Agencies and Social Impact Bonds in New Zealand


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