International Journal of Canadian Studies

Number 42, 2010 Canadian Issues: childhoods, states, nationalisms Enjeux canadiens : enfances, États, nationalismes

Table of contents (20 articles)

  • Introduction / Présentation
  • The Relationship between Professional Immigrant Parents’ Underemployment Status and their Children’s Emotional Health and Behavioral Patterns
  • Gendering ‘Child’ Poverty: Cross-National Lessons for Canada in a Deepening Recession
  • Un droit de participation ? Étude critique du cadre législatif de l’éducation des enfants handicapés en Ontario
  • Respecting the principle of best interests of the child in Canadian monitoring
  • State Culture: The Advancement of ‘Canadian Values’ Among Immigrants
  • Quintessentially Un-American? Comparing Public Opinion on National Identity in English Speaking Canada and the United States
  • Public and Elite Policy Preferences: Gay Marriage in Canada
  • Masters of Our Own Destiny: The Nationalist Evolution of Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams
  • Autonomie, vitalité et identité des communautés en situation minoritaire : Proposition d’un cadre conceptuel
  • The Prime Minister as Fetish? Ironic Nationalism, the News Media, and the Canadian Legends Figurines
  • Citizenship and Health Care in Canada
  • Research Notes / Notes de recherche

    1. Intensive Mothering in British Columbia: Understanding the Impact of an “Investing-in-Children” Framework on Mothering Ideology
    2. Canadian Educators’ Narratives of Teaching Multicultural Education

    View points / Points de vue

    1. Une politique du bien commun au Canada est-elle possible?
    2. « La nation québécoise et la crise des accommodements raisonnables: bilan et perspectives »
    3. Les nationalismes au Canada : quelles contributions des immigrants?

    Review Essays / Essais critiques

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