International Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 10, Number 2, July 1999

Table of contents (11 articles)

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    Graduate Programs in Forest Engineering and Forest Operations: : Working Towards Extinction
    Cut-To-Length: : The Next Decade
    Inventory, Modelling and Auditing Systems for Planning and Controlling Forestry Operations
    The Future of Timber Harvesting in Finland

Technical Papers

    Risks for the Health of Workers in Plywood Manufacturing: : A Case Study in Italy
    Estimation of the Serviceability of Forest Access Roads
    Single- and Double-Grip Harvesters – Productive Measurements in Final Cutting of Shelterwood
    Estimating the Characteristics of a Marked Stand Using k-Nearest- Neighbour Regression
    Comparison of Density and Water Content Determinations Using Soil Cores and a Dual Probe Density Gauge
    Locating Forest Roads by a Spatial and Heuristic Procedure Using Microcomputers