Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 12, Number 2, July 2001

Table of contents (12 articles)

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Editor's Notes

Technical Papers

  1. Analysis of Unguyed Spar-Trees
  2. Clearcutting and Forest Regulation in the "New" Forestry:: Views from Professional Foresters in the Northeast US
  3. Fluid Intake and Hydration Status of Forest Workers --: A Preliminary Investigation
  4. Application of Most Similar Neighbor Inference for Estimating Marked Stand Characteristics Using Harvester and Inventory Generated Stem Databases
  5. Simulation of Logging and Barge Transport of Wood from Forests on Islands
  6. A Method For Relating GPS Performance To Forest Canopy
  7. Virtual Forest Management:: Possibilities and Challenges
  8. Harvesting Wind Damaged Trees:: A Study of the Safety Implications for Fallers and Choker Setters
  9. Where Have All the Culverts Gone? A GIS-based Approach to Finding Stream Crossings

Book Reviews

  1. Logistics in the Forest Sector

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