International Journal of Forest Engineering

Volume 14, Number 2, July 2003

Table of contents (10 articles)

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Editor's Notes

    Editor's Note

Technical Papers

    Fuel Consumption In Forwarders
    Simulating Effects of Supply Chain Configuration on Industrial Dynamics in the Forest Sector
    Assessing the Utility of Two Integrated Harvester-Forwarder Machine Concepts Through Stand-Level Simulation
    Productivity in Final Felling and Thinning for a Combined Harvester-Forwarder (Harwarder)
    Economic Impact of Secondary Intermediate Transport of Pulpwood to Truck Transport Depots in South Africa: : Three Case Studies
    Effect of Seedling Production and Long-Distance Transportation Planning Strategies on Transportation Costs of a Nursery Company
    Characteristics of Injuries in the Logging Industry of Louisiana, USA: : 1986 to 1998

Technical Papers

    Procedures for Scanning Radiata Pine Stem Dimensions and Quality on Mechanised Processors

Technical Notes

    Three Years After: : Early Stand Re-Entry in Reduced Impact Logging of Neo-Tropical Forests