Congress 2021

Aging, care and dependency in multimorbidity: how relationships affect elderly women’s homecare and health service use

  • Mohammad Hamiduzzaman,
  • Stacy Torres,
  • Amber JoAnn Fletcher,
  • M Rezaul Islam and
  • Jennene Greenhill

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  • Mohammad Hamiduzzaman
    College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing, The University of Newcastle, New South Wales

  • Stacy Torres
    Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of California

  • Amber JoAnn Fletcher
    Department of Sociology & Social Studies, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

  • M Rezaul Islam
    Institute of Social Welfare & Research, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1205

  • Jennene Greenhill
    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, UWA Medical School University of Western Australia

Cover of Congress October 2021, Volume 9, Number 1, 2022, pp. 1-57, The International Journal of Whole Person Care

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