Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies
Revue d’études interculturelles de l’image

Volume 12, Number 1, 2021 Structures of Anticipation Guest-edited by Yoke-Sum Wong, Karen Engle and Craig Campbell

Table of contents (15 articles)


  1. Structures of Anticipation: An Introduction


  1. Sarah Beveridge
  2. Talysha Bujold-Abu
  3. Fiona Couillard
  4. Lindsey A. Freeman
  5. Kristen Gallerneaux
  6. Faegheh (Victoria) Kalantari
  7. Randy Lewis and Monti Sigg
  8. Andriko Lozowy
  9. Kimberly Mair
  10. Brenda Francis Pelkey
  11. Dominic Pinney
  12. Kate Schneider
  13. Sahar Te
  14. Pictures at the Exhibition


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