International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 12, Number 5, June 2011

Table of contents (12 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Study Orchestrations in Distance Learning: Identifying Dissonance and its Implications for Distance Educators
  2. Open-Access Textbooks and Financial Sustainability: A Case Study on Flat World Knowledge
  3. Liminality and Disinhibition in Online Language Learning
  4. Social Presence within the Community of Inquiry Framework
  5. Role Engagement and Anonymity in Synchronous Online Role Play
  6. Assessment of Learner Acceptance and Satisfaction with Video-Based Instructional Materials for Teaching Practical Skills at a Distance
  7. Learner Analysis Framework for Globalized E-Learning: A Case Study
  8. Shifting the Emphasis from Teaching to Learning: Process-Based Assessment in Nurse Education
  9. Quality of Learners’ Time and Learning Performance Beyond Quantitative Time-on-Task

Research Notes

  1. Beginning Course Surveys: Bridges for Knowing and Bridges for Being

Book Notes

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