International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 14, Number 3, July 2013

Table of contents (25 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Journey to Textbook Affordability: An Investigation of Students’ Use of eTextbooks at Multiple Campuses
  2. De-Gendering in the Use of E-Learning
  3. Development of Reflective Thinking through Distance Teacher Education Programs at AIOU Pakistan
  4. Looking Out and Looking In: Exploring a Case of Faculty Perceptions during E-Learning Staff Development
  5. Challenges for Successful Planning of Open and Distance Learning (ODL): A Template Analysis
  6. Sustaining Teacher Control in a Blog-Based Personal Learning Environment
  7. Addressing the Needs of Diverse Distributed Students
  8. Do UOC Students Fit in the Net Generation Profile? An Approach to their Habits in ICT Use
  9. The Influence of the Openness of an E-Learning Situation on Adult Students’ Self-Regulation
  10. MOOCs: A Systematic Study of the Published Literature 2008-2012
  11. The Preferred Learning Modes of Online Graduate Students
  12. Promoting Teachers’ Learning and Knowledge Building in a Socio-Technical System
  13. Applying the Context, Input, Process, Product Evaluation Model for Evaluation, Research, and Redesign of an Online Master’s Program
  14. Interaction, Critical Thinking, and Social Network Analysis (SNA) in Online Courses
  15. Synchronous Online Collaborative Professional Development for Elementary Mathematics Teachers
  16. Rethinking OER and their Use: Open Education as Bildung
  17. An Explanation for Internet Use Obstacles Concerning E-Learning in Iran
  18. Enhancing Motivation in Online Courses with Mobile Communication Tool Support: A Comparative Study
  19. Virtual Attendance: Analysis of an Audiovisual over IP System for Distance Learning in the Spanish Open University (UNED)
  20. Online Learner Self-Regulation: Learning Presence Viewed through Quantitative Content- and Social Network Analysis
  21. Pedagogical Roles and Competencies of University Teachers Practicing in the E-Learning Environment

Field Notes

  1. First Year Chemistry Laboratory Courses for Distance Learners: Development and Transfer Credit Acceptance
  2. The Experience of a Distance Learning Organization in a Private Higher Educational Institution in the Republic of Tatarastan (Russia): From Idea to Realization

Book Notes


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