International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 17, Number 4, June 2016

Table of contents (20 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Increasing Access to Higher Education Through Open and Distance Learning: Empirical Findings From Mzuzu University, Malawi
  2. Entrepreneurial Education in a Tertiary Context: A Perspective of the University of South Africa
  3. Analytical Insights on the Position, Challenges, and Potential for Promoting OER in ODeL Institutions in Africa
  4. Meeting Teacher Expectations in a DL Professional Development Programme - A Case Study for Sustained Applied Competence as Programme Outcome
  5. A Critical Look at a Blended English Language Teacher Education Program with an Emphasis on the Practicum
  6. Instructors’ Perceptions of Instructor Presence in Online Learning Environments
  7. Design and Development of a Learning Design Virtual Internship Program
  8. The Role of Re-Appropriation in Open Design: A Case Study on How Openness in Higher Education for Industrial Design Engineering Can Trigger Global Discussions on the Theme of Urban Gardening
  9. Guidelines for Transferring Residential Courses into Web
  10. Developing Guidelines for Evaluating the Adaptation of Accessible Web-Based Learning Materials
  11. Use of Facebook by Secondary School Students at Nuku'alofa as an Indicator of E-Readiness for E-Learning in the Kingdom of Tonga
  12. Effects of Group Awareness and Self-Regulation Level on Online Learning Behaviors
  13. The Influence of Biographical Factors on Adult Learner Self-Directedness in an Open Distance Learning Environment
  14. Perceived Service Quality and Student Loyalty in an Online University
  15. The Effect of Multilingual Facilitation on Active Participation in MOOCs
  16. Structural Relationships of Environments, Individuals, and Learning Outcomes in Korean Online University Settings
  17. An Empirical Study of Factors Driving the Adoption of Mobile Learning in Omani Higher Education
  18. Using the mTSES to Evaluate and Optimize mLearning Professional Development

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