International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 17, Number 5, September 2016

Table of contents (17 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Digital Curation as a Core Competency in Current Learning and Literacy: A Higher Education Perspective
  2. Understanding Cognitive Engagement in Online Discussion: Use of a Scaffolded, Audio-based Argumentation Activity
  3. A Far Cry from School History: Massive Online Open Courses as a Generative Source for Historical Research
  4. MOOCs, Graduate Skills Gaps, and Employability: A Qualitative Systematic Review of the Literature
  5. Online Professional Skills Workshops: Perspectives from Distance Education Graduate Students
  6. Determinants of Teachers’ Attitudes Towards E-Learning in Tanzanian Higher Learning Institutions
  7. Barriers and Opportunities of E-Learning Implementation in Iraq: A Case of Public Universities
  8. Institutional Culture and OER Policy: How Structure, Culture, and Agency Mediate OER Policy Potential in South African Universities
  9. Online Learning in a South African Higher Education Institution: Determining the Right Connections for the Student
  10. From On-Campus to Online: A Trajectory of Innovation, Internationalization and Inclusion
  11. Supervision on Social Media: Use and Perception of Facebook as a Research Education Tool in Disadvantaged Areas
  12. Development of Open Textbooks Learning Analytics System
  13. Exploring Communication and Course Format: Conversation Frequency and Duration, Student Motives, and Perceived Teacher Approachability for Out-of-Class Contact
  14. The Effects of a Pedagogical Agent’s Smiling Expression on the Learner’s Emotions and Motivation in a Virtual Learning Environment
  15. From Presences to Linked Influences Within Communities of Inquiry

Field Notes

  1. e-Tutor: A Multilingual Open Educational Resource for Faculty Development to Teach Online


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