International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 17, Number 6, December 2016

Table of contents (15 articles)


Research Articles

  1. In Search for the Open Educator: Proposal of a Definition and a Framework to Increase Openness Adoption Among University Educators
  2. Maintaining Momentum Toward Graduation: OER and the Course Throughput Rate
  3. Faculty Members’ Instructional Priorities for Adopting OER
  4. Open Assessment of Learning: A Meta-Synthesis
  5. Evaluation of Virtual Objects: Contributions for the Learning Process
  6. The Impact of Contact Sessions and Discussion Forums on the Academic Performance of Open Distance Learning Students
  7. The Effects of Online Interactions on the Relationship Between Learning-Related Anxiety and Intention to Persist Among E-Learning Students with Visual Impairment
  8. Online Instructors’ Use of Scaffolding Strategies to Promote Interactions: A Scale Development Study
  9. Coordinated Implicitly? An Empirical Study on the Role of Social Media in Collaborative Learning
  10. Tele-proximity: Tele-community of Inquiry Model. Facial Cues for Social, Cognitive, and Teacher Presence in Distance Education
  11. Reading Online in Foreign Languages: A Study of Strategy Use
  12. Assuring Quality in E-Learning Course Design: The Roadmap
  13. Ethical Considerations in the Practical Application of the Unisa Socio-Critical Model of Student Success

Field Notes

  1. Challenges of Offering a MOOC from an LMIC


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