International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 18, Number 6, September 2017

Table of contents (18 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Types of Participant Behavior in a Massive Open Online Course
  2. The Pedagogic Architecture of MOOC: A Research Project on Educational Courses in Spanish
  3. Using Design-Based Research to Develop Meaningful Online Discussions in Undergraduate Field Experience Courses
  4. The Effect of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Application on E-learning Acceptance: A Structural Equation Model
  5. Time Shifting and Agile Time Boxes in Course Design
  6. A Co-Design Process Microanalysis: Stages and Facilitators of an Inquiry-Based and Technology-Enhanced Learning Scenario
  7. Assessing Acceptance Toward Wiki Technology in the Context of Higher Education
  8. Student Voice in Textbook Evaluation: Comparing Open and Restricted Textbooks
  9. An Evaluation Framework and Instrument for Evaluating e-Assessment Tools
  10. Challenges of Implementing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS): Evidence from the Indian Educational Setting
  11. Narratives of Learning: The Personal Portfolio in the Portfolio Approach to Teaching and Learning
  12. Verifying Causal Relationships Among the Presences of the Community of Inquiry Framework in the Chinese Context
  13. Digital Immigrants in Distance Education
  14. Net Neutrality and Its Implications to Online Learning
  15. Formal Lifelong E-Learning for Employability and Job Stability During Turbulent Times in Spain
  16. Evaluation of Student Learning in Remotely Controlled Instrumental Analyses

Field Notes

  1. Institutional Collaboration on MOOCs in Education—A Literature Review


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