International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 19, Number 1, February 2018

Table of contents (19 articles)


Research Articles

  1. A Sharing Mind Map-oriented Approach to Enhance Collaborative Mobile Learning With Digital Archiving Systems
  2. Measuring Self-Regulation in Self-Paced Open and Distance Learning Environments
  3. How Learners Participate in Connectivist Learning: An Analysis of the Interaction Traces From a cMOOC
  4. The Moderating Effects of Group Work on the Relationship Between Motivation and Cognitive Load
  5. An Analysis of Learners’ Intentions Toward Virtual Reality Learning Based on Constructivist and Technology Acceptance Approaches
  6. Content is King: An Analysis of How the Twitter Discourse Surrounding Open Education Unfolded From 2009 to 2016
  7. Status of e-learning Quality in Kenya: Case of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Postgraduate Students
  8. Evaluation of Online Video Usage and Learning Satisfaction: An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model
  9. The Influence of National Culture on Educational Videos: The Case of MOOCs
  10. The Use of Avatars in Gender Segregated Online Learning Within MOOCs in Saudi Arabia - A Rwaq Case Study
  11. Modeling Students’ Readiness to Adopt Mobile Learning in Higher Education: An Empirical Study
  12. What Research Says About MOOCs – An Explorative Content Analysis
  13. Pilot Testing for Feasibility in a Study of Student Retention and Attrition in Online Undergraduate Programs
  14. Decision, Implementation, and Confirmation: Experiences of Instructors behind Tourism and Hospitality MOOCs
  15. A Taxonomy of Asynchronous Instructional Video Styles
  16. Virtual School Startups: Founder Processes in American K-12 Public Virtual Schools

Field Notes

  1. Administrators' Perceptions of Motives to Offer Online Academic Degree Programs in Universities

Book Notes


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