Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 11, Number 1, 2000

Table of contents (10 articles)

Edmonton 2000

  1. Presidential Address: Jews, Human Rights, and the Making of a New Canada
  2. The Naval State in Newfoundland, 1749-1791
  3. Longhouses, Schoolrooms, and Workers’ Cottages: Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missions to the Tsimshian and the Transformation of Class Through Religion
  4. Imagining the Great White Mother and the Great King: Aboriginal Tradition and Royal Representation at the “Great Pow-wow” of 1901
  5. “We wanted our children should have it better”: Jewish Medical Students at the University of Toronto, 1910-51
  6. “We who have wallowed in the mud of Flanders”: First World War Veterans, Unemployment and the Development of Social Welfare in Canada, 1929-1939
  7. The Royal Commission on Espionage and the Spy Trials of 1946-9: A Case Study in Parliamentary Supremacy
  8. Civilized Drinking: Alcohol and Society in New Brunswick, 1945-1975
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