Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 12, Number 1, 2001

Table of contents (12 articles)

Québec 2001

  1. Presidential Address: Historical Thinking, C.P. Snow’s Two Cultures, and a Hope for the Twenty-First Century
  2. “A Most Detestable Crime”: Gender Identities and Sexual Violence in the District of Montreal, 1803-1843
  3. Benjamin Sulte, père de la commémoration
  4. Dealing with “the Destitute and the Wretched”: The Protestant House of Industry and Refuge in Nineteenth-Century Montreal
  5. Unmaking Manly Smokes: Church, State, Governance, and the First Anti-Smoking Campaigns in Montreal, 1892-1914
  6. “A Very Garden of the Lord”? Hired Hands, Farm Women, and Sex Crime Prosecutions on the Prairies, 1914-1929
  7. Pioneers, Refugees, Exiles, and Transnationals: Gendering Diaspora in an Ethno-Religious Context
  8. Renovating the Canadian Old Age Home: The Evolution of Residential Care Facilities in B.C., 1930-1960
  9. The Display of a Tourist Nation: Canada in Government Film, 1945-1959
  10. “I’ll Wrap the F*** Canadian Flag Around Me”: A Nationalist Response to Plant Shutdowns, 1969-1984
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