Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 14, Number 1, 2003

Table of contents (11 articles)

Halifax 2003

  1. The 2003 Presidential Address of the CHA: The Mass Media in Canadian History: The Empire Day Broadcast of 1939
  2. The Timeless African and the Versatile Indian in Seventeenth-Century Travelogues
  3. Old World Conventions and New World Curiosities: North American Landscapes Through European Eyes
  4. The Miíkmaq, Poor Settlers, and the Nova Scotia Fur Trade, 1783-1853
  5. How to Read Aboriginal Legal Texts From Upper Canada
  6. A Tocqueville For the North? André Siegfried and Canada
  7. “To the Interests and Conscience of the Great Mass of the Community:” The Evolution of Temperance Societies in Nineteenth-Century Central Canada
  8. The Road to Terrace Bank: Land Capitalization, Public Space, and the Redpath Family Home, 1837-1861
  9. “Fraught With All Sorts of Dangers:” Church, State, Politics, and the United Church of Canada Act, 1924
  10. “Rescue Our Family From a Living Death:” Refugee Professors and the Canadian Society for the Protection of Science and Learning at the University of Toronto, 1935-1946
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