Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 27, Number 1, 2016 

Table of contents (8 articles)

  1. “The Devil Made Me Do It.” Popular Spirituality in a Rural Québec Parish, 1736–1901
  2. L’organisation des terres autochtones de la vallée du Saint-Laurent sous le Régime britannique
  3. Exemplary Canadians? How Two Canadian Women Remember Their Roles in a Cold War Military Family
  4. Brought To You by the Letters C, R, T, and C: Sesame Street and Canadian Nationalism
  5. Silent Diplomacy: Wendat Boys’ “Adoptions” at the Jesuit Seminary, 1636–1642
  6. “Eighth Wonder of the World:” The Cariboo Wagon Road as British Columbia’s First Megaproject
  7. Emily’s Maternal Ideal: Pregnancy, Birth, and Resistance at Kingston Penitentiary
  8. Le grand voyage de la tortue qui désirait voler. Motifs oraux, échanges culturels et histoires transfrontalières dans la traite des fourrures