Journal of Comparative International Management

Volume 27, Number 1, 2024

Table of contents (8 articles)

Research Articles

  1. Home Peers, Business Owners’ Gender, and the Export Intensity of SMEs
  2. The Moderating Influence of Cultural Tightness on the International Diversification–Firm Performance Relationship: A Meta-analysis
  3. Linking Developing Country Firms’ Relational Capital to Their Export Performance in Global Value Chains: The Moderating Role of Technological Turbulence
  4. Direct or Indirect Exporting? The Joint Influence of Gender and Immigration Background on Export Strategies of Canadian SMEs
  5. Breaking Boundaries: A Study on the Innovative Network Strategies of Canadian SMEs Expanding into Unfamiliar Markets
  6. Why Are There So Few Schumpeterian Entrepreneurs from China? Understanding the Factors That Influence Entrepreneurial Opportunity Evaluation from a Comparative Culture Perspective

JCIM Opinion Agora

  1. Policy Challenges and Opportunities: Migrant Female Entrepreneurs in Northern Europe
  2. International Entrepreneurship by Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada

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