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Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Travaux choisis de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

Volume 14, 1995

Table of contents (13 articles)

  1. Preface / Préface
  2. Did the Scottish Enlightenment Emerge in an English Cultural Province?
  3. Bondage and Slavery in Eighteenth-century Poetry by Women
  4. Tales of Morality and Immorality: Eighteenth-Century Society as Depicted in the Italian Comic Libretto
  5. Gender Inversions in Haywood's The Distress'd Orphan, or, Love in a Mad-house
  6. Berkeley and the University
  7. Proverbs and the Language of Control in Clarissa
  8. Food for Thought in Rousseau's Emile
  9. Mme Riccoboni: 'philosophe parvenue'
  10. Adèle de Sénange (1794) et sa réception
  11. 'Altered, improved, copied, abridged': Alexandre d'Arblay's Revisions to Burney's Edwy and Elgiva
  12. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Plays of M. G. Lewis
  13. Fathers as Monsters of Deceit: Robinson's Domestic Criticism in The False Friend

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