Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Travaux choisis de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

Volume 17, 1998 Theatre of the world Théâtre du monde

Table of contents (11 articles)

  1. Preface / Préface
  2. La réception de l’opéra par les Philosophes
  3. 'An Entire Change of Performances?' The Politicisation of Theatre and the Theatricalisation of Politics in the mid 1790s
  4. Nahum Tate's ('aberrant/ 'appalling') The History of King Lear [1681]: Lear as Inscriptive Site
  5. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Theatrical Eclogue
  6. German Theatre in a European Context: The Mitau Playbill
  7. L’apparition du personnage du père dans le théâtre de Voltaire
  8. Environmentalism and 'Best Husbandry': Cutting Down Trees in Augustan Poetry
  9. Hume's Imagination' Revisited
  10. Eugenia's Escape: The Written Word in Frances Burney's Camilla
  11. Starry Wheels and Watch-Fiends: Clocks and Timepieces in William Blake's Milton

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