Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Volume 19, 2000 Material Productions & Cultural Construction Culture matérielle & Constructions discursives

Table of contents (18 articles)

  • Preface / Préface
  • A Tribute to / Hommage à
  • La plume et les Lumières : le manuscrit, outil de progrès
  • The Cultural Historian and the Garden
  • Savoirs et Saveurs
  • Tous les Savoirs du Monde
  • Musical Nationalism and the Vauxhall Gardens
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's Samuel Henzi: the non-fragmentary status of the text
  • The International Impact of Lessing's Nathan the Wise
  • Rousseau and Werther, in Search of a Sympathetic Soul
  • Sarah Harriet Burney: Traits of Nature and Families
  • Bonheur et Vie matérielle d’après le Tableau de Paris de Louis-Sébastien Mercier
  • 1792: Myths and Realities of the Nation-in-Arms
  • 'No Party favour'd, no Designs in view' : Female Rakes and Heroes, Politics and Power in Delarivier Manley's Heroic Drama
  • Editing Jane: Austen's Juvenilia in the Classroom
  • Thomas Walker's Ear: Political Legitimacy in Post-Conquest Quebec
  • 'Do you understand muslins, Sir?': the Circulation of Ball Dresses in Evelina and Northanger Abbey
  • Canada's First Suburb: Transplanting the Villa to Early Québec
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