Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Travaux choisis de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

Volume 34, 2015 Guest-edited by Alison Conway and Mary Helen McMurran

Table of contents (9 articles)

  1. Preface / Préface
  2. That “Bossy Shield”: Money, Sex, Sentiment, and the Thimble
  3. In the Groves of the Academy: The Aikin Family, Sociability, and the Liberal Dissenting Academy
  4. “A Constellation of Scottish Genius”: Networks of Exchange in Late 18th- and early 19th-Century Edinburgh
  5. Absences et présences de l’art du voyage dans la France du xviiie siècle
  6. La mythologie de la mine : la fiction anti-économique chez le marquis de Sade
  7. The Varronian, the Various, and the Political: A Tale of a Tub, The New Atalantis and Early Eighteenth-Century Fiction
  8. The Cosmic Sublime: Wright of Derby’s A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery
  9. The Spectator and Everyday Aesthetics

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