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Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2022 L’histoire du livre dans les pays nordiques Book History in the Nordic Countries Guest-edited by Henning Hansen and Maria Simonsen

Table of contents (14 articles)

  1. Book History in the Nordic Countries: Introduction


  1. Provenance Research: Book History, Historiography, and the Rise of an Epistemic Category in Nineteenth‑Century Europe
  2. A Nordic Press: The Development of Printing in Scandinavia and the Baltic States before 1700 from a European Perspective
  3. The Library of Leufstabruk
  4. “… but he stayed up reading”: Books, Readers, and Reading in an Eighteenth‑Century East Norwegian Parish
  5. Children’s Books and Childhood Reading in Eighteenth‑ and Nineteenth‑Century Denmark: Memoirs and Autobiographies as Sources for Children’s Media Repertoires
  6. The Vicar , the Nobleman, and the Peasant: About a Book and its Readers
  7. The Finnmark Library: A Scholarly Library in “Ultima Thule”
  8. Norwegian Broadside Ballads and the Collecting Practices of Thorvald Boeck
  9. Encyclopedias and Nationalism in Denmark: A Study of the Reception of Three Encyclopedias, from Print to Digital
  10. Culottes and Warm Pyjamas: Patterns for Home Sewing in Sweden During the Second World War
  11. Storyteller, Stenographer, and Self‑Published Superstar: How Astrid Lindgren’s Multiple Roles in Book Production Created the Lindgren Myth
  12. Modelling Subscription‑Based Streaming Services for Books


  1. Gwendolyn Moore: The “Ordinary” Translator as Cultural Intermediary


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