Drawing the Line Between Lay and Expert Opinion Evidence

  • Jason M. Chin,
  • Jan Tomiska and
  • Chen Li

Jason M. Chin, Lecturer, T.C. Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland. Jan Tomiska, University of Toronto. Chen Li, University of Toronto. We are deeply indebted to Caitlin Goss, Ed Imwinkelried, Harvey Lim, Matt Thompson, David White, and two anonymous reviewers for their expert advice and feedback on previous drafts. Many of the ideas contained herein were discussed at the annual meeting of the Evidence Based Forensics Initiative in Wollongong, New South Wales and the first author’s legal research seminar at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Thank you also to Thomas Palmer for research assistance. This research was supported by a start-up grant from the University of Queensland awarded to the first author.

Citation: (2017) 63:1 McGill LJ 89

Référence : (2017) 63:1 RD McGill 89

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Cover of Volume 63, Number 1, September 2017, pp. 1-199, McGill Law Journal