Narrative Works

Volume 5, Number 1, 2015

Table of contents (10 articles)

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  1. Stories of Resistant Play: Narrative Construction as Counter-Colonial Methodology
  2. Places of Practice: Learning to Think Narratively
  3. The Perceived Impact of Parental Depression on the Narrative Construction of Personal Identity: Reflections from Emerging Adults
  4. Life Tree Drawings as a Methodological Approach in Young Adults’ Life Stories during Cancer Remission
  5. Stories of Trouble and Troubled Stories: Narratives of Anti-German Sentiment from the Midwestern United States

Special Section - Narrative Matters 2014: Narrative Knowing / Récit et Savoir

  1. Introduction
  2. Y a-t-il une épistémologie de la connaissance litteraire — Et peut-il y en avoir une?
  3. Possibilities for Action: Narrative Understanding
  4. History and Narrative: An Overview

Book Review

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