Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Volume 29, Number 1, 2022

Table of contents (13 articles)

Introduction (Special Issue)

  1. Education after COVID

Special Issue Articles

  1. Promoting Critical Thinking in Anti-Critical Thinking Times: Lessons from COVID Discourse
  2. When the Façade of the Normal Falls Away
  3. Demoralization and Remoralization: The Power of Creating Space for Teachers’ Moral Centres
  4. Pandemic Resurrection: Making Gendered Citizenship Visible in a “Postfeminist” Era
  5. Higher Education and Dilemmas of Deinstitutionalization
  6. Homeschooling Reconsidered
  7. COVID-19 and Remote Learning: The Home and the School
  8. Teaching, Enacting, and Sustaining Hope in the Shadow of COVID-19
  9. Enhancing Educational Evaluation by Incorporating Side Effects
  10. Moral Character Education after COVID-19: An Interview
  11. Childhood after COVID: Children’s Interests in a Flourishing Childhood and a More Communal Childrearing
  12. Perceiving the Limits, Or: What a Pandemic Has Shown Us about the Climate Crisis

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