Philosophy in Review

Volume 41, Number 4, November 2021

Table of contents (15 articles)

Book Reviews

  1. Ben Almassi. "Reparative Environmental Justice in a World of Wounds."
  2. Stephen Gaukroger, "The Failures of Philosophy: A Historical Essay."
  3. Raymond Geuss, "Who Needs a World View?"
  4. James Harold, "Dangerous Art: On Moral Criticism of Artwork."
  5. Edward Ashford Lee, "The Coevolution: The Entwined Futures of Humans and Machines."
  6. Susan B. Levin, "Posthuman Bliss? The Failed Promise of Transhumanism."
  7. Charles L. Lowery and Patrick M. Jenlink, (Eds.), "The Handbook of Dewey’s Educational Theory and Practice."
  8. Patricia Marino, "Philosophy of Sex and Love. An Opinionated Introduction."
  9. Sarah McGrath, "Moral Knowledge."
  10. David Papineau, "The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience."
  11. Nicola Perullo, "Epistenology: Wine as Experience"
  12. Matthew Sharpe and Michael Ure, "Philosophy as a Way of Life: History, Dimensions, Directions."
  13. Brian Tokar and Tamra Gilbertson (eds.), "Climate Justice and Community Renewal: Resistance and Grassroots Solutions."
  14. Bradley Armour-Garb and Frederick Kroon, (Eds.), "Fictionalism in Philosophy."
  15. James Maffie. "Aztec Philosophy: Understanding A World in Motion."


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