Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 18, Number 1, 1939

Table of contents (15 articles)

Montreal 1939

  1. The Appalachian Barrier in Canadian History : Presidential Address
  2. The Emergence of the Coureur de Bois as a Social Type
  3. Life and Customs in the French Villages of the Old Illinois Country (1763-1939)
  4. When a Whole Royal Family Came to America
  5. The Illegal Fur Trade out of New France, 1713-60
  6. Empire Unity and Colonial Nationalism, 1884-1911
  7. Reciprocity and the Joint High Commission of 1898-9
  8. Canada’s Rejection of Reciprocity in 1911
  9. Sir Francis Hincks, Finance Minister of Canada, 1869-73
  10. The Contribution of Macdonald Conservatism to National Unity, 1854-78
  11. Edward Blake, the Liberal Party, and Unrestricted Reciprocity
  1. Preserving Canada’s Historic Past


  1. Report of the Secretary
  2. Report of the Treasurer
  1. Membership of the Canadian Historical Association