Raymond N. Morris: La carnavalisation du politique: la campagne référendaire vue par Girerd

Images of carnival are as useful in understanding the federalist caricatures of Girerd on the 1980 Référendum as those of an independentist like Berthio. Girerd's look of the Yes campaign reveals two popular oppositions : between child and adult and between politician and intellectual. The leaders of the two options become children playing adult rôles in a comical way. Under the biting satire of the caricaturist, the Yes team inverted its image of rationality by seeking inappropriate credulous faith from the public. He saw the defeat of the Yes alternative as the death blow of the alliance between intellectuals, feminists and the state.

Vincent l.i vni u\ : Parenté, socialité et politique : retour à l'Ile d'Orléans

An allegorical model, one with hands held oui symbolically to one another, represents the manner in which family ties define the main characteristics of social structure. This has inspired an analysis of the results of provincial élections in the île d'Orléans since 1970. Their interprétation bring to light a partisan social structure, as well as économie and social traits which follow from the model. h also serves in the understanding of political phenomena external to the île d'Orléans, having électoral elïects that differ to an extent between the six communities on the island.

Chantai Bouchard: Une obsession nationale: l'anglicisme

A few décades after the British conquest, foreign observers noticed that the French Canadians were using a large number of anglicisms. The mid nineteenth century saw the beginning of the war on «anglicisation» of French in Québec. A study of columns on language, printed between 1879 and 1970, shows that those who led this action viewed « anglicisation » as a symptom of the weakness of French-Canadian nation, and thus it was violently opposed. Throughout that period, people were called on to make an effort, first on an individual basis and then more and more on a collective one, to put an end to the problem.