Surveillance & Society

Volume 22, Number 2, 2024 Open Issue

This open issue offers eight original articles on topics ranging from workplace surveillance, student monitoring, predictive policing, humanitarian screening, AI problematics, and pandemic surveillance. The issue also includes three book reviews.

Cover image: “Woman looking through magnifying glass with numbers.” (AI generated.) Image attribution: Jtneill via Wikimedia Commons.

Table of contents (11 articles)


  1. Algorithmic Performance Management in Higher Education: Viva! 365 Ways of Surveillance
  2. “We’ve Tried to Keep the Beast on a Leash”: The Domestication of Digital Classroom Surveillance
  3. Expansive and Invasive: Mapping the “Bossware” Used to Monitor Workers
  4. Pred-Pol-Pov: Visibility, Data Flows, and the Predictive Policing of Poverty
  5. The Art of Screening: Reasonable Efforts and Measures at the Nexus of Aid Work and Counterterrorism
  6. Studying Surveillance AI-cologies in Public Safety: How AI Is in the World and the World in AI
  7. The Canadian Clearview AI Investigation as a Call for Digital Policy Literacy
  8. Vlog Worthy Surveillance?: Investigating the Playful Surveillance Imaginaries of South Korea’s Quarantine Vlogs

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