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The Trumpeter
Journal of Ecosophy

Volume 32, Number 2, 2016 Radical Ecologies in the Anthropocene

Table of contents (11 articles)


  1. The Bipolarity of Modern ‘Man’ in the Anthropocene: Ecomodernist Mania as Case for Unmanning Anthropocene Discourse
  2. Rewilding, "the Hoop," and Settler Apocalypse
  3. Cultivating a Dialogue: Rewilding, Heritage Landscapes, and Belonging
  4. More-than-humanizing the Anthropocene


  1. The Gouges and Scours of Primordial Time
  2. The Power of the Woods: A Memoir


  1. New Mexico Summer
  2. Sugar Maple Poems
  3. Poetry as Eco-Vessel
  4. Grandmother Toe

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