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French as the Common Language in Québec: History, Debates and Positions

Ian Lockerbie, Ines Molinaro, Karim Larose et Leigh Oakes

This volume features texts by four authors, who present and analyze the history of and positions taken on the French language as a social, political and identity-related tool. Ian Lockerbie (University of Stirling, Scotland) looks at the “aménagement” of French in Québec, while Ines Molinaro (University of Cambridge, England) presents a remarkable synthesis of the language and identity-related policies promoted by governments of Québec and Canada. Karim Larose (Université Laval, Québec) traces the emergence of the concept of unilingualism in Québec and finally, Leigh Oakes (University of London, England) questions whether it is possible to “de-ethnicise” a language entirely, and seeks means of making French acceptable and attractive to immigrants settling in Québec.

This collection is directed by Daniel Chartier.

A collection published by the Éditions Nota bene in cooperation with Globe. Revue internationale d’études québécoises.

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