Atlantic Geology
Journal of the Atlantic Geoscience Society
Revue de la Société Géoscientifique de l'Atlantique

Volume 57, 2021

Sommaire (16 articles)


  1. Introduction to the “Circum-Arctic Palynological Event Stratigraphy” (CAPE) series of papers
  2. Paleotectonic and paleogeographic history of the Arctic region
  3. Carboniferous palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region
  4. Permian palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region
  5. Triassic palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region
  6. Protracted intra- and inter-pluton magmatism during the Acadian orogeny: evidence from new LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon ages from northwestern Maine, USA
  7. Recalculation of minimum wave heights from coastal boulder deposits in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary, UK: implications for understanding the high-magnitude flood event of AD 1607
  8. Lithostratigraphy and lithogeochemistry of Ediacaran alkaline basaltic rocks of the Musgravetown Group, Bonavista Peninsula, northeastern Newfoundland, Canada: an extensional volcanogenic basin in the type-Avalon terrane
  9. Note on the only known record of a cupulate seed from the Middle Pennsylvanian Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
  10. Age, chemistry, and tectonic setting of Miramichi terrane (Early Paleozoic) volcanic rocks, eastern and east-central Maine, USA
  11. Deformation of soft sediments and evaporites in a tectonically active basin: Bay St. George sub-basin, Newfoundland, Canada
  12. Investigation of the Cape Fear arch and East Coast fault system in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina, USA, using LiDAR data
  13. Detrital zircon ages and the origins of the Nashoba terrane and Merrimack belt in southeastern New England, USA


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