Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice
Études critiques sur le genre, la culture, et la justice

Volume 42, numéro 1, 2021 "Covid and the Academy" & Open-themed Research

Sommaire (7 articles)

Original Research

  1. Toppled Monuments and Black Lives Matter: Race, Gender, and Decolonization in the Public Space. An Interview with Charmaine A. Nelson
  2. Hear My Cry: Breaking the Code of Silence around Intimate Partner Violence among Black Women in and beyond Midlife
  3. Out of the Closet and into Quarantine: Stories of Isolation and Teaching
  4. “It feels a bit like drowning”: Expectations and Experiences of Motherhood during COVID-19

Literary Works

Book Review

  1. Meat! A Transnational Analysis


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