Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie

Rédaction : Kim Mitchell (Co-editor), Sean Zwagerman (Co-editor), Isabelle Clerc (French Editor), Isabelle Sperano (French Editor), Brittany Amell (Reviews Editor), Jordana Garbati (Reviews Editor)

À propos

Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie (DW/R) publishes papers that investigate contemporary issues in discourse and writing studies. In this context, the journal is particularly keen to publish papers concerning the nature of writing and discourse in academic and professional settings, as well as current issues related to the use and teaching of written communication. DW/R aims to promote a range of approaches to writing and discourse research within the humanities and social sciences. It welcomes contributions on theoretical and pedagogical issues related to discourse and writing from a variety of academic fields, including communication, education, rhetoric, English, linguistics, journalism, psychology, and sociology.