Engaged Scholar Journal
Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Learning

Volume 8, numéro 3, été 2022

Artwork by Agness Bellegris (2020)

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From the Editor

  1. From the Editor


  1. Liberating Community-based Research: Rescuing Gramsci’s Legacy of Organic Intellectuals
  2. Pathways Taken by One Canadian College to Advance Reconciliation and the Creation of a New Reconciliation Engagement Program with Indigenous Peoples
  3. “Defenders of Perversion”: Professing Same-Sex Marriage Rights in the Local Press

Reports from the Field

  1. Leveraging Community-University Partnerships to Develop a Strength-Based and Individualized Approach to Humanizing Housing Service Delivery for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)


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