Geoscience Canada

Volume 3, numéro 1, february 1976

Sommaire (19 articles)

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GAC Presidential Address

    Canadian Geoscience Council President's Report -1975


    A Renaissance for Canadian Geoscience
    Geothermal Power, The Canadian Potential
    Facies Models 1. General Introduction
    Facies Models 2. Turbidites and Associated Coarse Clastic Deposits

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Quaternary Stratigraphy Symposium
    Geochemistry of Natural Waters
    International Platinum Symposium
    Geodynamics at Grenoble, 1975

Features / Rubriques

    The Soil Column: Geology, Land-Use, and Conservation of the Quaternary Barrier System of Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Philosophy of Geohistory
    Crystalline Solids
    Soil Components, Volume 2, Inorganic Components
    Planetary Geology
    Computer-Based Systems for Geological Field Data
    Marine Geology and Oceanography of the Arctic Seas
    Der Meeresboden, Ergebnisse und Probleme der Meeresgeologie (The Seafloor, Results and Problems in Marine Geology)
    Pioneer Mines of the Gatineau Region, Quebec