Geoscience Canada

Volume 3, numéro 4, november 1976

Sommaire (21 articles)

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    Earthquake Prediction in China
    Canada's Active Western Margin: The Case for Subduction
    Use of Geophysical Wireline Logs for Interpreting Depositional Processes
    La Géometrie des Méandres, Une Méthode D'Analyse

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Stockwell Symposium on the Hudsonian Orogeny and Plate Tectonics
    Field Workshop in Earth Science Education
    Geophysical Union at Quebec City, 1976
    The Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste in the Oceans
    Symposium on Quaternary Soils

Features / Rubriques

    Geological Education: : Undergraduate Geology -The Co-operative Way
    The Soil Column: : Soil Conservation in Canada Today
    Pyroclasts: : The XXVth. International Congress

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Applied Geophysics
    Manual of Optical Mineralogy
    Stach's Textbook of Coal Petrology
    Stone: Properties, Durability in Man's Environment (Second Edition)
    The Encyclopedia of World Regional Geology Part I: Western Hemisphere (Including Antarctica and Australia)
    Glacial Till
    Urban Geology of Edmonton
    Depositional Sedimentary Environments
    Tidal Deposits