Geoscience Canada

Volume 4, numéro 4, november 1977

Sommaire (21 articles)


  1. Geoscience and National Defense
  2. The Survey Seeks and Gets Advice:: A Progress Report by the Canadian Geoscience Council's Advisory Committee to the Geological Survey of Canada
  3. Evolution of Pre-Carboniferous Tectonostratigraphic Zones in the New Brunswick Appalachians
  4. Facies Models 9. Eolian Sands
  5. Methane in the Sediments of a Subarctic Continental Shelf

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

  1. Canada Venezuela Oil Sands Symposium 77
  2. Sun Power in 1977

Features / Rubriques

Book Reviews / Critiques

Letters / Lettres

  1. Letters / Lettres

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