Geoscience Canada

Volume 25, numéro 2, june 1998

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GAC Presidential Address

    The Changing Landscape of Earth Sciences in Canada: A Story of Erosion and Uplift : GAC Presidential Address, Annual Meeting, Quebec City Quebec, 18 May 1998


    Regional Subsurface Dolomitization: Models and Constraints
    The Diamond Pipeline into the Third Millennium: A Multi-channel System from the Mine to the Consumer

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    Learning about the Earth as a System: The Second International Conference on Geoscience Education
    New Horizons in Mining: Seventh Annual Calgary Mining Forum

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Basin Inversion
    Kimberlites, Orangeites, and Related Rocks
    Jurassic Magmatism and Tectonics of the North American Cordillera
    Middle Proterozoic to Cambrian Rifting, Central North America

Positions Available

    Positions Available