Geoscience Canada

Volume 39, numéro 3, 2012

Sommaire (8 articles)

Front Matter

  1. Front Matter


  1. The Tooth of Time:: Alfred Wegener

Education Matters

  1. The Grand Old Duke of York;: Present-Day and Future Canadian Geoscience Education and Labour Market Trends

Paul F. Hoffman Series

  1. A Temperature-Dependent Positive Feedback on the Magnitude of Carbon Isotope Excursions
  2. Late Wisconsinan Morphosedimentary Sequences of the Lower Coppermine River Valley, Nunavut and Northwest Territories


  1. Shining Light on Black Rock Coatings in Smelter-Impacted Areas

Modern Analytical Facilities

  1. U-Pb Geochronology Using 193 nm Excimer LA-ICP-MS Optimized for In Situ Accessory Mineral Dating in Thin Sections


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