Geoscience Canada
Journal of the Geological Association of Canada
Journal de l’Association Géologique du Canada

Volume 47, numéro 4, 2020

Sommaire (6 articles)

Presidential Address

Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

  1. Stratigraphy and U–Pb Zircon–Titanite Geochronology of the Aley Carbonatite Complex, Northeastern British Columbia: Evidence for Antler-Aged Orogenesis in the Foreland Belt of the Canadian Cordillera


  1. Igneous Rock Associations 27. Chalcophile and Platinum Group Elements in the Columbia River Basalt Group: A Model for Flood Basalt Lavas

GAC–MAC Field Guide Summary

  1. London 2021 GAC–MAC Joint Annual Meeting Field Trips


A Tribute

  1. R. Frank Blackwood: 1950–2020

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