International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Volume 11, numéro 4 (1), 2020 First of Two Special Issues Based on the 2019 FICE Congress in Tel Aviv: “Better Future Opportunities for Children and Young People in Multicultural Societies” Sous la direction de Emmanuel Grupper, Alexander Schneider et Friedhelm Peters

Sommaire (8 articles)


  1. Introduction to the two FICE 2020 Special Issues
  2. An evaluation methodology for measuring the long-term impact of family strengthening and alternative child care services: the case of SOS Children’s Villages
  3. Promoting Youth’s Self-Empowerment in Residential Care — the Influence of the Organisation: The first year of the project “Creating Futures” and its Swiss–Hungarian Community of Practice
  4. Online at risk! Online activities of children in dormitories: Experiences in a Croatian County
  5. Assessing the association between care quality and household chore rules in residential care institutions in Japan
  6. Using participatory methods to develop and implement research on historical Compulsory Social Measures and Placements in Switzerland
  7. Deinstitutionalization of the child care system in Lithuania
  8. Creating Normalcy: Foster Care for Children and Youth with Disabilities and Medical Fragility in Germany


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