International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Volume 11, numéro 4 (2), 2020 Second of Two Special Issues Based on the 2019 FICE Congress in Tel Aviv: “Better Future Opportunities for Children and Young People in Multicultural Societies” Sous la direction de Emmanuel Grupper, Alexander Schneider et Friedhelm Peters

Sommaire (9 articles)


  1. “Students for Children”: A volunteer programme-model for universities for the support of children in foster care
  2. Cyberaggression: The effect of parental monitoring on bystander roles
  3. Elements in school principalship: The changing role of pedagogy and the growing recognition of emotional literacy
  4. Police studies program for youth at risk: The role of police distributive justice and personal morality in explaining police legitimacy
  5. Residential care in Germany for refugee young people
  6. Identifying best-practice strategies for managing residential caregivers working with children at risk
  7. Systemic reflexivity in residential child care: A pedagogical frame to empower professional competence
  8. Care leavers’ perspectives on the family in the transition from out-of-home care to independent living
  9. Support for youth leaving care: A national research study, India


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